KSA Estate Sales 

Estate Sales & Appraisals for Family or Business

Contact us at: 650-345-2926

We Provide the most Complete Turn Key operation available:

*  Estate Sales & Moving Sales

*  Total Dispositions

*  Large and Small Homes

*  Estate and Insurance Appraisals

Our Job, is to make it easy for you!

We Provide:

*  Free Consultation

*  Complete Estate Sale Services (Turn Key)

*  On Premise Estate Sale Large and Small

*  Private Estate Sale

*  Purchase of Whole and Partial Estates

*  Consignments

*  Appraisals (CAGA) Certified

*  Internet Acess (Email and Website)


Our Services:

*  Sort & Organize

*  Clean Polish & Display

*  Research & Evaluate

*  Tag & Price

*  Advertise & Sell All Your Personal Property

*  Provide You with a Complete Accounting

*  Charitable Distributions

*  Complete Removal of All Unsold Items

*  Removal of Hazardous Waste as Needed

*  Advertising & Marketing :  Newspapers, Mailings, Personal Contacts and Internet 


We Work with Everyone:

Individuals  and Families

Retiring or Downsizing, Moving across town or Relocation across the Country,

Getting Married & Combing two Households, or Closing your business.   KSA will

manage the entire process, from start to finish.  We will do it All for you, leaving your house empty.

Attorneys, Executors, Trustees & CPA's

While you take care of other important matters, KSA expedites the sale and disposition of all personal property.  Afterwards, we provide you with a complete account of the sale.


Hundreds of people attend a typical KSA sale, providing tremendous exposure for the sale or rental of the property.  When finished, KSA leaves the house completely empty and ready for the close of escrow or listing.